The Turkish Super Lig continues to capture the attention of football enthusiasts with its thrilling matches and dramatic standings. This season has been particularly competitive, with several clubs vying for the top position. Here’s a detailed update on the latest fixtures, current standings, and key highlights from the Super Lig.

Latest Fixtures

The recent rounds of matches have brought some exciting and unexpected results. Key fixtures include:

  • Galatasaray vs. Trabzonspor: A high-stakes game that ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw, showcasing exceptional performances from both teams.
  • Fenerbahçe vs. Beşiktaş: Fenerbahçe managed a narrow 1-0 victory in a fiercely contested derby, solidifying their position near the top of the table.
  • Alanyaspor vs. Başakşehir: Alanyaspor pulled off an impressive 3-1 win against Başakşehir, shaking up the middle of the standings.

Current Standings

As of the latest matches, the Super Lig standings are as follows:

  1. Galatasaray - 45 points
  2. Fenerbahçe - 43 points
  3. Beşiktaş - 41 points
  4. Trabzonspor - 38 points
  5. Alanyaspor - 36 points

Galatasaray’s consistent performances have kept them at the top, but Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş are closely trailing, ensuring that the title race remains highly competitive.

Key Highlights

  • Galatasaray’s Resilience: Galatasaray has shown remarkable consistency, with standout performances from their attacking duo and a solid defensive line.
  • Fenerbahçe’s Derby Win: The narrow victory over Beşiktaş in the recent derby has been a significant morale booster for Fenerbahçe, emphasizing their title ambitions.
  • Alanyaspor’s Surprise Upset: Alanyaspor's win against Başakşehir was a major upset, highlighting their potential to challenge the top teams and disrupt the standings.

Upcoming Fixtures

The next round of fixtures promises more excitement and potential shifts in the standings:

  • Galatasaray vs. Antalyaspor
  • Fenerbahçe vs. Göztepe
  • Beşiktaş vs. Konyaspor

These matches are crucial as teams look to secure vital points in the race for the championship.


The Super Lig is delivering an exhilarating season with intense competition and remarkable performances. With the top teams closely matched in points, every fixture counts, and fans can expect more thrilling football action in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as the race for the Super Lig title heats up.